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Are you using your personal FaceBook profile to “friend” business associates? This may not be the best strategy to market yourself as a real estate agent on FaceBook. Since personal accounts require “friending”, you are limiting yourself to people who want to be FaceBook friends. One of your marketing goals should be to reach new customers, and they will surely not request to be your friend. FaceBook business pages are the solution. Below are 10 reasons to have a FaceBook business page as a real estate professional.

1. Maintain a Professional Image – Your business profile picture is separate from your personal one.

2. Unlimited Followers – Personal accounts have a limitation on the number of friends. With business pages, you can have an unlimited number of followers. You obtain followers when they “like” your page.

3. No Approval Needed – With personal accounts, you must approve someone to be your friend. With business pages, you do not need to approve followers.

4. Follower Privacy – Followers do not share their personal information with you but will see what you post on your business page in their newsfeed. By allowing them to maintain their privacy, you are more likely to get followers than friends.

5. Search Engine Placement – Make your business page public so it can be crawled and ranked by search engines.

6. Grow Your Fan Base – You can promote your fan base on other websites and encourage new customers to become followers.

7. Multiple Page Admins – Your page can be managed by multiple people. This works great for a team and allows all team members to promote the same business page.

8. Business Information – Provide business-oriented info (hours of operation, company website, description, etc) in a dedicated section.

9. Multiple Pages – You can create multiple business pages, each dedicated to a particular product or service. For example, you may have a page geared towards commercial real estate and another for residential (since customers interested in one may not be interested in the other). Your posts on each page can be more targeted to each topic and therefore more relevant to your followers.

10. FaceBook Searches – Many people search on FaceBook much like they do on Google and other search engines. A business page allows you to target particular keywords and get displayed in search results.